Foundation & Basement Waterproofing in Nashville, TN

Are your basement walls damp? Does water pool in the corners when it rains? Call Advanced Home Solutions. If your Middle Tennessee basement doesn’t have proper foundation waterproofing, water can seep through your foundation walls or through cracks in the foundation. This can lead to dangerous dampness, mildew, basement mold, and structural decay. Foundation waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation can work together to help keep your home structure strong and healthy.

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Mold and water damage on basement wall Cleaned and repaired mold and water damage on basement wall

Do You Need Foundation Waterproofing or Repair?

Unfortunately, if you have to ask, the answer is probably yes. Waterproofing (not damp-proofing) is the only way to stop water and water vapor from seeping through your foundation walls.

Waterproofing your foundation in Middle Tennessee is generally a wise idea. It could help:

Reduce the risk of your home flooding. Remember the May 2010 Tennessee floods? We do. So many homes were turned into swimming pools. Waterproofing and proper drainage could have helped many homeowners, since these measures re-shape the way water moves around your home. When severe weather hits, you want water directed away from your home, not into it.

Keep your basement dry and mold-free. Not every home in Nashville has a basement. Many homes have a crawlspace. Even so, waterproofing can help divert water away from these important spaces. Waterproofing means you can use your crawlspace or basement for storage, all without having to worry about leaks, pests, mold growth, or moisture damage.

Lower moisture levels in your home. Unless you’re taking a nice relaxing bath, water and your home should never mix! High levels of moisture in your house can cause your home to feel hotter in the summer, ruin paper and wood products, and create the perfect environment for mold. Foundation waterproofing is the first step to reducing the overall moisture and humidity levels in a home.

Maintain the value of your home. Water damage can destroy the structural integrity of a home and send buyers running for the hills. Walls can rot, floors can buckle, mold can grow unnoticed! Tackle foundation problems, from repair to waterproofing, before it’s time to sell.

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How Do Foundation Problems Start?

There are a lot of factors that can lead to foundation problems, beyond water damage. Leaks and cracks in the foundation can naturally occur as a home ages. They can also be caused by:

  • Inadequate waterproofing of exterior walls during construction
  • Cracks caused by expansion and contraction as seasons change
  • Joists opening between walls and floors due to foundation settlement
  • Openings created for water pipes and cables
  • Aging and generally old building supplies

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Our team of water damage professionals is here for you. In addition to offering foundation waterproofing solutions in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas, Advanced Home Solutions can also help with foundation soil grading, gutter drain extensions, downspout extensions, and curtain drains to help keep water away from your foundation.
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